Madison Line (Essential Stemware)$0.60

Bordeaux, 21 oz
White Wine, 12 oz
Red Wine, 15 oz
Water Goblet, 15 oz
Champagne Flute, 7 oz
Mini Martini, 3 oz
Martini, 10 oz
Martini, 7 oz
Margarita, 12 oz

Pure Line (Tritan® Crystal)$1.25

White Wine, 14 oz
Beverage/Water, 15 oz
All Purpose, 23 oz
Red Wine, 16 oz
Champagne, 7 oz

Plaza Line (Square Base)$0.50

Hi-Ball, 14 oz
Double Old Fashioned/Rocks, 10 oz

Studio Line (Tapered)$0.50

Hi-Ball, 15 oz
Double Old Fashioned/Rocks, 12 oz

San Marino Line (Classic Round)$0.50

Hi-Ball, 12 oz
Double Old Fashioned/Rocks, 10 oz

All Purpose Line$0.60

Pilsner (Hourglass), 14 oz
All Purpose Wine, 9 oz
All Purpose Wine, 11 oz
Tea Goblet, 19 oz

Whiskey/Shot Glass$0.75

2 oz

Irish Coffee Mug$0.95

Clear Glass with Pedestal Base and Handle, 8½ oz

Stemless Wine$0.85

17 oz

Stemless Martini$0.85

8 oz

Mason Jar, 8oz$1.00

Perfect for juices, desserts, or appetizers. Mason jar lid available upon request.

Brandy / Snifter$1.00

9 oz

Mason Jar, 16oz$1.10

A must-have for tea and lemonade at your next rustic event. Mason jar lid available upon request.

Bubble Goblet$0.95

14 oz
Light Green

Lido Goblet$1.25

12 oz
Available in white or black.

Sundae Dish$1.00

7 oz

Cup and Saucer Set$1.00

8oz White Rim

Cup and Saucer Set$1.15

8 oz Double Gold Bands on White China

Cup and Saucer Set$1.15

8 oz Double Platinum Bands

Coffee/Tea Mug$0.55

12 oz White Rim

Demitasse Cup and Saucer Set$0.90

2 ½ oz White Rim

Decanter, Wine Carafe$4.00

Glass, 1 Liter

Sake Cup$0.75

1 ½ oz White Rim

Champagne Saucer$0.95

Timeless elegance. 9 oz

Plaza Line (Square Base)
Double Old Fashion/Rocks, 10 oz
Hi Ball, 14 oz
Studio Line (Tapered)
Double Old Fashion/Rocks, 12 oz
Hi Ball, 15 oz
San Marino Line (Classic Round)
Double Old Fashioned Glass
Rocks, 10 oz
DOF Glass
Single Old Fashioned Glass
Hi Ball, 12 oz
Collins Glass
All Purpose Stemware
Wine Glass, 9 oz
Wine Glasses, 11 oz
Pilsner (Hourglass), 14 oz
Pint Glass
Tea Goblet, 19 oz
Shot Glass, 2 oz
Stemless Wine Glass
Lido Glass
Lido Goblet
Sundae Dish
Ice Cream dish
Wine Carafes
Wine Caraffes
Wine Carrafes
Coffee cups
Coffee mugs
Coffee saucers
Espresso cup
Demitasse cup
demitase cup
Pedestal Coffee Mug
Irish Coffee
Clear Glass, 8½ oz
Mason Jars 8oz, 16oz
Madison Line
Champagne Flutes, 7 oz
Mini Martini, 3 oz
Martini, 7 oz
Martinis, 10 oz
White Wine, 12 oz
Red Wine, 15 oz
Bordeaux, 21 oz
Margarita, 12 oz
Water Goblet, 15 oz
Pure Line
Champagne, 7oz
White Wine, 14oz
Red Wine, 16oz
All Purpose, 23oz
Beverage/Water, 15oz
Bubble Glass Goblet 14 oz – Amber, Clear, Light Green, Violet
Colored glass
Custom printed styrofoam and plastic cups are available in various styles, sizes and colors. Please call for pricing.
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